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Keep your calendar full with Instawalkin: A solution for RMTs to fill empty appointment slots effortlessly.

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Automatic Integration

Our software automatically pulls your openings from whatever scheduling software you’re already using (and if you’re not using one, we’ll provide it for you). Your services are booked online and added directly to your calendar — easy.

Reach More Customers

You’ll be added to a list of the best RMTs in Regina and Saskatoon. Clients who use our service are actively looking for an available, trustworthy massage therapist (that’s you).

Full Flexibility

You’ll be able to specify the types of massage and treatment plans you offer, as well as the days and time slots you want to appear as “available

Frequently Asked Questions

Instawalkin integrates with 95% of scheduling software, so that clients can book an appointment with you directly through the Instawalkin app. Since clients are searching by time availability, type of service, and location rather than by massage clinic, you’ll appear in more search results and get more bookings. If a client selects one of your available appointment slots, we close that time on the Instawalkin app.
If you don’t have scheduling software, we’ll provide it for you—no effort required on your end.
Instawalkin therapists are paid out via direct deposit on a semi-monthly basis (on the first business day after the 15th and the first business day after the 30th or 31st).
Yes! You will receive 100% of your tips, which will be deposited along with your semi-monthly payments.
Yes. If you would like to give a receptionist access to your account, we can do that easily.
You can try Instawalkin for free for 1 month. Please contact us to learn more about our available pricing plans.

If a client reschedules their appointment within 60 minutes of the scheduled start time of that appointment, you will be paid 15% of the total original appointment rate.

If a client cancels their appointment within 60 minutes of the scheduled appointment start time, you will be paid 25% of the total original appointment rate.

Once you integrate, Instawalkin will know when you have an open slot and when you are booked, so that available times can be served up to clients. For some scheduling softwares, we can actually close the spot on your calendar once a client books that time slot. For others, we will manually book an appointment slot once it’s scheduled, or you can manually book it.
You may choose to be notified via text, email or both.
Yes, it’s currently set to 1 hour. You will soon be able to set your own buffer window..
Yes, currently one massage cannot be booked within 15 minutes of the previous massage ending. You will soon be able to set this buffer window according to the way you want it.